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Book Information from Downeast Maritime

To order any of the items on this page, simply call our offices. Prices listed do not reflect postage and handling charges. 

NOTE: All publications below marked with an asterisk (*) are recommended for all original Master or Mate licenses. 

Deck Safety and Navigation General Subjects Textbook*

This book contains the material necessary to pass an examination with the USCG for an original license. License levels this textbook can be used for include Masters and Mates, up to 20 gross tons (reserved use up to 1600 tons), for Operators of Uninspected Vessels (Six Pack), or simply for those seeking to improve their boating or professional skills.

U.S. Coast Guard Approved Text

Revised edition 2000, 175 pages including illustrations ISBN Number 0-9663692-2-X

Published by Vineyard Maritime



General Subjects USGC License Exam Questions and Answers Part I. and Part II.

For use by persons seeking a Masters or Mates License up to 200 gross tons (reserved use up to 1600 tons), for Operator of Uninspected Vessels (Six Pack), or for those seeking to improve professional skills. For best results this textbook should be used in conjunction with the General Subjects Textbook.

Part I.

US Coast Guard Approved Text Revised edition 2000, 189 pages

ISBN Number 0-9663692-4-6

Published by Vineyard Maritime Part II.

US Coast Guard Approved Text Revised edition 2000, 206 pages

ISBN Number 0-9663692-4-6

Published by Vineyard Maritime

$87.10 For both


Navigation Practical Textbook*

Contains all the relevant material necessary to pass the navigation examination with the USCG, or one of its approved schools. Included are six Practice Exams, scores of practice questions for each navigation topic, and three training charts. This text is designed to enable one to learn the practical uses of navigation. Navigation tools (we recommend 2 navigation triangles, 1 divider, pencil, eraser, and a calculator that can convert time to decimals and back) are not included.

US Coast Guard Approved Text

Revised edition 2000, 144 pages

ISBN Number 0-9663692-1-1

Published by Vineyard Maritime



Merchant Marine Deck Illustration Book*

This publication contains all the illustrations to be used in examinations for the deck merchant marine licenses and documents.

January of 1992, 77 pages Published by Vineyard Maritime



Rules of the Road Text Summary with Questions and Answers*

This textbook contains a summary of the COLREG International and Inland rules. The Q & A section, organized by the rule, has over 500 selected questions designed to help reinforce your knowledge and understanding of the rules. Fourteen USCG practice examinations of thirty questions each (a score of 90% is required to pass the actual exam) are included along with over 600 randomly selected rules questions.

US Coast Guard Approved Text Revised edition 2000, 324 pages

ISBN Number 0-9663692-0-3

Published by Vineyard Maritime



Navigation Rules, International - Inland*

This is the USCG publication (COMDTINST M16672.2C) required on all commercial vessels and vessels 12 meters (39.4 feet) or more in length. In all our classes we use this original USCG text rather than any revised interpretations of the rules.

218 pages

ISBN Number 00-16-050057-5

Published by US Government Printing Office, Department of Transportation.



American Practical Navigator - Bowditch - Pub. 9

This text is the navigator's bible. Bowditch is an extremely comprehensive manual that covers a wide range of general subjects and navigation topics. In publication since the late 1700's, Bowditch continues to serve the mariner in a way no other text can. It is a must for the professional.

849 pages

Published by the Defense Mapping Agency Hydrographic/Topographic Center.



Boating Skills and Seamanship

This entry level study guide covers a wide range of general subjects and navigation topics to introduce the new mariner to these skills. This book is currently being used in our limited masters program.

242 pages

Published by the Coast Guard Auxiliary



Chart No. 1 Symbols, Abbreviations, and Terms

The symbols and abbreviations, shown in color, include the coastline, coast features, the land, ports and harbors, topography, buildings and structures, navigational lights, buoys and beacons, radio and radar stations, fog signals, dangers, soundings, and other features which are portrayed on nautical charts.

99 pages

Jointly prepared by the NOAA/NOS and the Department of Defense



United States Coast Pilot 2, Atlantic Coast: Cape Cod to Sandy Hook

The NOS Coast Pilot is a series of nine nautical books that cover a wide variety of information important to navigators of US coastal and intracoastal waters, and the waters of nautical charts and is not readily available elsewhere. Coast Pilot 2 is kept in stock, while the other volumes may be special ordered.

Published by NOAA/NOS

$24.00 each


International Code of Signals - Pub. 102

A complete reference guide to the use of visual, sound, and radio communication codes including distress information.

164 pages

Published by NOAA



Light List, Vol. I.

A comprehensive listing of all buoys, lighthouses and other such references that may include light characteristics, ranges, latitude and longitude, colors, and any other special features.

Published by the US Coast Guard



Maneuvering Board Manual - Pub. 217

A manual intended for use by both students and naval personnel engaged in tactical maneuvers, who may require quick reference to specific relative motion problem solutions. A great learning tool for use with the maneuvering board.

123 pages

Published by the Defense Mapping Agency Hydrographic / Topographic Center.



Marine Fire Prevention, Firefighting, and Fire Safety

This is an extremely comprehensive manual on fire prevention and fire fighting. Once aboard a ship the mariner is the fire department and having a comprehensive understanding of fire fighting principals is essential. Full of illustrations and common sense text, this is a must for those wishing to receive the fire fighting endorsement. 377 pages

Published by US Department of Transportation / Maritime Administration



Radar Navigation Manual - Pub. 1310

Contains information on the fundamentals of shipboard radar, radar operation, collision avoidance, navigation by radar, and a description of vessel traffic systems in US waters. 242 pages

Published by National Imagery and Mapping Agency



Radio Navigational Aids - Pub. 117

Useful information for the offshore sailor on radio direction finders and radar stations; radio time signals; navigation warnings, distress, emergency and safety traffic; medical; AMVER; search and rescue; electronic navigation; emergency and navigational warnings.

Published by the US Government



Real Time Method of Radar Plotting

This text enables a radar operator to develop an at-a-glance capacity on stabilized relative motion radar. Once the system of Situation Recognition has been achieved and mastered, a multiplicity of targets can be handled safely and surely, and a collision avoidance becomes quite simple. The real time method of plotting helps equip deck officers to pass the Coast Guard's radar observer test.

Published by the Cornell Maritime Press



Navigation Tools:

Calculator with time conversion features -- $16.99 6" Dividers, manufactured by Linex -- $9.75 Maneuvering Boards - Pub. 5090 -- $8.25 Navigation Triangles with handles -- $9.95

Training Charts - Charts numbers TR13205, TR12354, & TR12221 -- $3.00 each

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