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FAQS from Downeast Maritime

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School Policy and Regulations on Enrollment with Respect to Enrollment Dates and Specific Entrance Requirements

Students may enroll up to and including the first day of the course, based on the availability of space and if the student has fulfilled all enrollment requirements.

General Requirements:

  • Applicants must generally be 18 years of age, however other ages will be considered on a case by case basis.

  • Entrance requirements specific to a course are listed in that course description.

  • All applicants must be able to read and write English.

"Effective for courses beginning after January 1, 2014:

Students registering for any Downeast Maritime Inc. or Midcoast First Aid course need to provide valid credit card information to hold their space in the class. The credit card will be charged a $200.00 administrative fee only if the registered student is a “no show, no call” on the first day of class. Otherwise, full payment is due the first day of the course. Students may pay with cash, check or money order at this time.

School Policy and Regulations Relative to Leave and Absences

100% attendance and participation for our courses is mandatory. Your course instructor will maintain attendance records.


Standards of Progress

Downeast Maritime, Inc. (DMI) (Vineyard Maritime Ltd.) is a private, well-established, and innovative training school offering Coast-Guard approved courses.


All of our courses are geared toward certification for competency. Our passing rate with the USCG Regional Exam Centers and at our facility, is very high. However, it will require your dedication.


These programs will necessitate your time and commitment. Because of the challenging nature of our courses, we maintain a limit on the number of students enrolled per module. If you are committed to success, we will commit to working with you until the completion of your license certificate requirements.

Downeast Maritime Inc. is a very practical alternative to academy training. We offer comprehensive training with sensible time frames and fees. We are in the business of training mariners to the highest possible standards. In accordance with this primary goal, we are prepared to accommodate the student who chooses to repeat the entire licensing course, or any given segment thereof, at no additional cost within one year.


Programs are pass/fail. Students are continually evaluated and provided feedback by instructors. Students are evaluated based on the intended learning outcomes for each program. While efforts are made by our staff to ensure student success, we reserve the right to academically dismiss students who are not meeting minimum standards for participation and safety.


Granting Credit for Prior Learning Policy

In accordance with the requirements of 38 US Code, Section 3676(c)(4), the institution maintains a written record of the previous education and training of the eligible person and clearly indicates that appropriate credit has been given by the institution for previous education and training, with the training period shortened proportionately and the eligible person so notified.



Student Conduct & Dismissal Policy

We reserve the right to dismiss a student for any reason including but not limited to bringing drugs or alcohol onto school property and for any conduct resulting in the disruption of learning.

Schedule of Fees

Individual Master Level Courses Rules of the Road - $360.00 General Subjects - $500.00 Navigation - $500.00

Required books are included as part of the tuition charge.

If you choose to take only a module of a course, then you will purchase the required books separately.


If you choose to apply courses for Master's License Requirements at a later date, pricing will be upgraded to cover full course tuition fees and all testing requirements must be fulfilled.


Evaluation - $100.00 + $45.00 Issuance - $45.00

south carolina mariner training


Master's Course, with 3 training charts - $189+ tax

100 gt.- Home Study $225.00 + Shipping Limited Master's - $15.00 + tax

Able Bodied Seaman - $65.00 + tax NOTE: All publications below marked with an asterisk (*) are recommended for all original Master or Mate licenses.


The list of textbooks and their prices that Downeast Maritime carries are listed here. To order any of the items on this page, simply call our offices toll free at 888-230-6437. Prices listed do not reflect postage and handling charges.

Navigation Tools:

Calculator with time conversion features -- $16.99 6" Dividers, manufactured by Linex -- $9.75 Maneuvering Boards - Pub. 5090 -- $8.25 Navigation Triangles with handles -- $9.95

Training Charts - Charts numbers TR13205, TR12354, & TR12221 -- $3.00 each


Additional Requirements/Fees for Master not included elsewhere

Physical Examination - approx $75.00 - $150.00 First Aid/ CPR - approx $30.00-$75.00

Drug Testing - approx $75.00

Navigation Tools (1 divider, 2 navigation triangles, 1 TI-30A Scientific calculation) - approx.$45.00

Group Rates Available! Courses given in your town required a teaching facility. Additional charges may apply to cover travel costs.

All contract courses are required to give us 21 days notice of any changes to the content of the course, number of students attending or special requirements. Otherwise the original terms of the agreement will remain in effect unless otherwise agreed upon.

downeast maritime training

Financial Aid

In Massachusetts qualified students may receive a tuition grants from the Job Training and Employment Corporation (JTEC) . Call toll free 1-800-656-FISH 

Maine Department of Labor has funding at the offices:
Washington County Machias Office 800-292-8929; Hancock County Ellsworth Office 800-371-7543; Lincoln & Waldo Counties Belfast Office 877-421-7917; Knox County Rockland Office 877- 4217916.
Tuition Payment Plans are available on request.

Refund Policy

$200.00 minimum deposit is recommended at the time of registration. Payment in full is required at start of classes. Students receive 100% refund (less $25.00 administration fee) for withdrawal up to 7 days prior to the start of class. 80% refund (less $25.00 administration fee) before the beginning of the first class.


There is a No Notice - No Refund policy for withdrawal after the actual start of classes. Deposits will be returned if we cancel the class.

For GI Bill Students, the school will refund the unused portion of prepaid tuition and fees on a pro rata basis. Any amount in excess of $10.00 for an enrollment of registration fee will also be prorated.

GI Bill® Information

Downeast Maritime, Inc. (DMI) is approved by the Maine State Approving Agency for Veterans Education Programs for the use of GI Bill benefits as a non-college degree institution for training GI Bill recipients. To learn more about GI Bill benefits or to apply for GI Bill eligibility visit

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at


Many of our programs are approved for GI Bill benefits. These programs are indicated with an asterisk.

Description of Available Space, Facilities and Equipment

Our Thomaston, Maine headquarters facility boasts two fully functional classrooms. Our primary classroom can accommodate 16 students while our second classroom, on the second floor, accommodates 8 students.  Student parking is available behind the building.

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